Fitting Prayer into Our Daily Lives

As I sit at my breakfast table planning my day and making a list of everything I need to get done, there is one thing that still hasn’t crossed my mind that should have been the first thing to cross my mind: prayer.

We all know how it goes. The baby or the kids wake us up. We don’t even have time to say a quick prayer before we slowly roll out of bed. Most the time, I don’t have the time to even think about saying a quick prayer.

Have you noticed though that as we plan our days, more times than not, those things we think about in the morning, and those things we write down that we want to get done, actually get done. So maybe fixing our sad and weak prayer lives start right then and there: we don’t make a plan to do it!

So this is what we all need to do. Set a time for prayer every day and make it part of our routine. As I have talked about before, being consistent with something is all we need to do to get stuff done. Here are a few ideas for when and how to plan our prayer time.

My favorite time of day to make sure I get my prayers in is when I put my kids to bed. It has now become a part of our bedtime routine. I give my infant a bath, we play with him for a few minutes, we all sit on our bed and read a book, then I swaddle him and my daughter holds him while we say our prayers. What prayers do we say?

As a child, my family used to do this:

  • Beginning prayer for our families “Dear Jesus, God Bless Daddy, Mommy, Sarah, Emily and Patrick. God Bless both Grandmas and Grandpas,  Great Grandma and Grandpa , All our Aunts and Uncles and ALL our cousins and we pray for those people who have no one to pray for them.” So, I have a huge family so we didn’t name everyone. I have over a 100 cousins on just my mom’s side so it would take forever! But you can do what you want and switch it up. What I like about it though is it taking time to actually think about who we are praying for because sometimes it is easy to get lost in the prayers we say and not even think about who we are praying for
  • The Our Father
  • The Hail Mary. We always said at least three Hail Marys, sometimes more
  • The Glory Be
  • The Fatima Prayer (Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy)
  • The Guardian Angel Prayer (Dear Angel of God, my guardian dear etc. )

My family now does almost the same thing, we just add the Prayer to St. Michael (my husbands favorite prayer). I also sometimes say the Hail, Holy Queen and the Memorare.

This is just what works for me. The important thing is to make prayer a part of your routine. Don’t make it so much that you don’t want to do it though. Slowly work up to say more and more as it becomes a part of your routine. Start with my prayer routine, and work up to the rosary and then maybe someday you will take on the liturgy of the hours. The more you pray, the more you will light the flame of love in your heart for Jesus and it will become easier to pray. It will no longer be something you have to do but instead something you want to do.